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As we have reported on before. The elite are pedophile Satan worshipers. They care nothing about you and your family. They don’t have any compassion and no empathy what so ever.

The royals, politicians, and elites in every country are compromised. If they are not compromised and black mailable they will eventually reach a horrible demise. Just look at all the scandals with elites and royals and politicians with raping people, being with minors, and other horrid depraving behavior. And these are only the ones that get out in the public. You know and I know that there is way more that goes on behind closed doors than what is ever reported upon.

And if anything is ever reported it is dismissed faster than Biden can eat his ice cream (sick fucking bastard). Just look at all the publicly available videos of Joe Biden sniffing and inappropriately touching children in the wide public view. Check out all the videos and articles about Biden’s daughter’s journal. He is a truly sick bastard who molested all his kids. He still kisses his grown son and daughter on the lips. Anyone with half a brain knows that is too perverted for any parent but obviously not for a pedophile like Joe.

All these elites have one thing in common, they hang around a small group of people together. There are pictures all over the internet with known pedophile Epstein, and others. Why would you even risk this kind of association? I would not be caught dead around those kinds of people.

Oh and the Queen of England is dead. We will have a scoop on that soon.

Our list of article you can gander at is below the video.

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