There was no need to continue through the crowd. Also if the police were doing their job the streets would have been blocked off. This is what happens in my city on the 4th of July parade.

I think something really stinks about what happened. I think there is something fishy that went on in the background.

We were driving in the car down a rode we often drive on. It is scenic and right next to the lake. Suddenly we found ourselves behind a bunch of cars stopped. We were like what ever. The cars started to move and a couple turned off. We went forward to find three police cars following this parade. If they were not there we would have been seriously startled by people walking in the middle of the road. We were not flying down the street and no one would have been in danger but the police were moving along with the parade to block side streets and move cones.

Even if he drove into a parade on accident he could have turned off any time actually. Most of the time the side streets only have cones and such to block the road. This is utter nonsense. The following video is a compilation of what video was found of his crimes. There are some serious and disturbing parts of the video. Watch at your own thoughts.

Below the video are other articles with much more information about this Darrel and his past and what he was doing out of jail so easily and soon.

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