Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

We have repeatedly reported how rampant pedophilia really is. In the last 20 years or so pedophilia has become so rampant it is on display everyday in things you see and places you go. The problem we all run into is we want to not look at such deviant disgusting abhorrent behavior.

We cannot sleep until we save the children. I am pushing this information really hard to wake people up. Yeah it is a horrible out of your mind subject. If you do not know how deep it runs you will never look out for the children as completely as should be.

I do everything I can to teach children about adults that will prey on them. When my daughter was young she was not allowed on the internet in any way alone. Even while playing with her friend on one of those kids games sites. I taught her how to spot a perverted bastard. I educated her on as explicit way as I could. I made sure she knew every single danger.

When she was like 4 she went through a phase where she would run away from us in the store. So one day while she was talking with her mom I walked around to the other side of the isle. I crept quietly behind her and grabbed her walking out covering her mouth. She was shocked. I told her that this will happen to her if she keeps trying to escape. When we got home I showed her a video of a child abduction from Walmart right in front of his mom. She never ran away again.

You may think that is cruel and terrible but she learned not to run away because she understood the consequences at that very moment. We as adults and parents need to stress to our children and other children to look out and stay with their parents or guardians.

Children disappear by the millions all over the world. The MSM never ever talks about it, why? The politicians never talk about this, why? Try to answer these questions.

Ex-high school coach investigated over disturbing nude ‘fat tests’ to examine male students bodies; coach would ‘pinch and explore the skin near their scrotum, their groin, and their buttocks’: Report

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