Death For PedophilesDeath For Pedophiles

Man this information is dark as hell. These people literally have no bound no inhibitions towards the deranged and perverted.

This shit is literally Bat Shit Crazy Disgusting. This behavior and belief and practice is so perverse and so pervasive it will blow your mind, my mind is already beyond blown.

Elite pedophiles get away with everything, murder, sacrifice, pedophilia, child abuse, adrenochrome drinking, and much more. They push to normalize these behaviors so they can do all this in the open.

Since everyone has all sorts of blackmail on everyone else this means you are all in trouble if just one of you gets caught and then squeals like a pig. Or these people will suddenly commit suicide so no one can tell the real story.

They Are Trying To Make Pedophilia Seem Like An Acceptable Thing And Normal This is just one example.

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