Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

Why the rules, seriously for any kind of site? Why would you need to tell someone to not post an image of a child in certain very innocent circumstance? What kind of deranged bastard pokes around open Facebook or Social Media accounts looking for images of children? The very same images you may have posted. I never posted images of my daughter at any age on the internet and I never will because of this very knowledge. I have not had a Facebook account for many many years now. I only have an Instragram account in order to develop this feature for a client.

When you are talking about websites that get away with having pedophilia images and innocent images together and sexualized by comments is legal. Legal grey areas exists because the people who create these laws are all in on this depravity and horrid behavior but man does it get worse.

And when you talk about another legal loop hole you see the outrageous movie “Cuties” from Netflix. I just cannot imagine why someone would even think of creating a movie like this and call it art or education or anything but pedophilia acceptance attempts.

When you dig, the behavior and obvious wide number of people who condone and actually practice this behavior gets alarming larger.

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