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Now the article image shows the Pope wearing his outfit with the well known pedophile symbol for boy lover all over it during International Boys Day. Since this is a well known symbol why would he have it on his robes?

He has not worn this symbol other times so why that day and why that symbol again? Well of course the church is rife with Satan worshiping pedophiles who prey on children and infants. Yes I said infants.

You think this is crazy, well of course it is. The pope of the catholic church and many others actual Satan worshipers. This pedophile triangle symbol and others like it are on lists of all the law enforcement all over the world.

These symbols pedophiles use to show their preference. This allows the pedophiles to communicate without saying anything at parties and such.

This is well documented so I ask the question again why the hell would he have this on his robes not just in the typical baby blue but in other colors as well? Just ask yourself these and other questions especially why the church has allowed such rampant child molestation to occur over the decades.

Evil Is Powerless
Evil Is Powerless

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