Do you think this Supreme Court leak was a coincidence? Do you think the fury the Demonrats are trying to push over an opinion that does nothing for the Roe V Wade Law.

Look at these people who are so angry and listen to what they are saying. They are saying all the same things they said during the Fake Floyd paid riots. These people were paid and setup from the very beginning to riot. These people were ready to go with signs and gear and bricks and everything they needed to destroy a town without any recourse.

This will happen again if we don’t push back and fight. These people are pushing to make people pissed off at conservatives so they vote demorats back in. These people are sick as hell and very disgusting.

The thing that needs to be said about all this is that demonrats don’t want to lose this push pill. They don’t want to lose the money that comes in from all the body parts of babies sold. They don’t want to stop the child trafficking either. They don’t want to lose their power they pushed to get over decades. They don’t want people to see what they really are so they can keep them as sheeple. They have so much to lose when this gets over turned.

This needs to get over turned and it will because if it does not the two most important new laws cannot take place. The wars need to stop as well. Biden cannot deploy men to Ukraine because he does not have the power. Biden and his deep state masters are in panic because they are pushing so hard to keep their power.

So I say let other know what they are doing by just pointing it out. Don’t argue just makes simple little points that are undeniable and in their faces. The simplicity of winning over the sheeple is that easy.


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