sheeple maskssheeple masks

These people are seriously stupid. They fight over the most neurotic idiotic things that mean a literal nothing in life. They push, pull, steel, fight, cajole, and what ever else they think will get them ahead of the other guy. This kind of behavior is a programmed thing. Stop falling for the programming and start thinking for yourself. Think is this really something to have a fight over? Is this really something to push, pull and deprive others of?

There are so many questions you should ask yourself before engaging in such disgusting abhorrent behavior. Wake up and smell what you are shoveling onto yourself. Stop and clean it off. Smell fresh air for a bit then go back out in the world to see it for what the elites want you to be to each other. For the elites they are insulated from your stupidity, greed, programmed behavior, jealousy, and more.

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