sheeple maskssheeple masks

Idiots like this have brought this country and the world in fact to the brink of destruction and they don’t even know it. The level of stupidity and ignorance and lack of self thinking is what put us here. That and the complacency of the people with the brains and know how to stop this from keeping on keeping on.

The only way this never happens again to to put people like this in their own little special place and educate them on the real world. A very special place where everything is given to them and you know the place they want to be now. The government gives them everything including their rights.

Man this video is firing me up. I have seen this kind of stupidity for a very long time. I have seen parent of friends act and sound exactly like this. Their kids either are worse or grow up and figure shit out the right way, and think for themselves.

I am still shaking my head at this woman. I want to hose her off with some ice cold water. Shock her into something besides her sheeple thoughts and behaviors. People like this cannot exist anymore. They must be dealt with and educated because if they are not this shit will happen again in a very short period of time.

When ever this mess clears people like this need some serious help. For the love of god keep track of them and help them. I mean really. I know few people that are sorta to that level. Some have woke up as they grew up but others are still just as brainwashed as before.

My question is how do people like this actually function in the world. They treat their lives like this and expect others to abide by their insanity. They go along with the hype and fear and what ever is spat at them via the MSM. This woman was serious she was not even joking and this is the really scary thing.

Do not allow your friends and family to be like this. Get that ice cold water and shock them into real life. It will take loads of patience and plenty of well thought out plans to wake them up. I think we should treat them like people in AA. They must realize their mistakes then go through the same process in order to remove the sickness they allowed to be planted into themselves. This goes for liberals and RINOs and brainwashed republicans.

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