sheeple maskssheeple masks

The absolute gall of these people. If you do not see what they are doing, not attempting to do but actually doing you better just crawl in the corner with your tail between your legs and let them beat you further into submission. You are a slave their desire of control and depopulation.

Yeah yeah we keep talking about these agendas but if you cannot see them right now then you are brainwashed beyond recognition. And thus you will never wake up to the real truth right in front of your face. It is like when you are talking with someone and they keep calling you stupid over and over and over again. This sinks in and totally makes you feel like you are stupid. You convince your smart brain that you are stupid.

Take a bunch of steps back stop what you are doing and look at things from a different angle. When I teach a child a lesson of any sort for the first time I make them look at something in the room while standing up. Have them describe it and what they see. I then have the sit on a chair, floor, and stand on a table or desk. They see that it is the same object but new details are viewed based upon the angle you look at them. This is what people need to do to wake up from the brainwashed slumber sheeple ville they are totally stuck in.

The worst thing about being part of the sheeple flock is that the other sheep keep everyone else inline. They also do anything and everything to place everyone else inline as well. They abuse, swear, get angry, and many other tactics to bully people into submission.

This cycle needs to stop. The awakening must happen to so many people and these people that are awake must help the others who either have just woke up to mass confusion and fear or the ones that are in the steps after that. They all will need help to get passed their previous brainwashed ideas stuck in their heads. It takes time and so much effort.

Just be consistent. Just be patient. Make sure you are never allowing them to see anything but what is directly in front of them. Do not convince them just show them. Since they are already convinced otherwise it will be next to impossible to get them to realize you are right and the conceptions are totally wrong. One little fact to wake them up at a time.

‘I Wish I Could Legislate What Parents Do,’ NV Dem Chairwoman Says

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