Super duper, mega rich gazillionaire, leftest lunatic, social engineering, creepy ass cracker, Bill Gates acts like he believes in the global warming hoax, but obviously he’s just pretending, demands that we eat fake meat, has a plan to blot out the sun, and thinks huge ass Covid shutdowns don’t nearly go far enough to cure the planet from imaginary ailments. Nobody knows what his deranged obsession with vaccines and population control is all about, we just know he can’t think about anything else. And then there’s this story about how he has been buying up all of America’s farmland. Now we find out, he’s propping up the lamestream media with huge donations to them.

Now remember, 99.999% of these institutions are commercial entities selling advertising to sponsors to pay their own bills. That’s how it works, other than PBS & the CBP none of these media outlets are known to take public donations, which is why this story is so weird.

Media watchdog, MintPress News has published an expose revealing that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) has poured over $319 million onto the media in the form of “donations.” Recipients of this largesse include some of the Left’s most nefarious propaganda platforms, including the following:

NPR – $24,663,066

The Guardian (including – $12,951,391

Univision – $5,924,043

BBC – $3,668,657

CNN – $3,600,000

Corporation for Public Broadcasting – $2,430,949

The Atlantic – $1,403,453

Al-Jazeera – $1,000,000

PBS – $499,997

Gannett – $499,651

Texas Tribune- $2,317,163

The lamestream media establishment’s business model of expecting the public to obediently tune in to listen as it screams insulting, bold faced lies is failing in a magnificent way. People are rejecting their lies and the polls prove it, showing the only thing in America that’s less popular than congress and canker sores is the liberal media. That’s why Democrats all over the country want to prop it up with your hard earned tax money.

But until the deep state elites can manipulate that action in congress the deep-pocketed left-wing sugar daddies like Bill Gates are there to keep them afloat. And of course, these benefactors expect something in return, and we’re seeing that in each broadcast of our nations nightly news.

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By Jaz McKay

Jaz McKay is a long time veteran of Talk Radio, a story teller, a public speaker, an activist, and is the administrator, editor and publisher of The Deplorable Patriot website. He lives in Bakersfield, California with his wife and their dog and two cats. He’s been called the Uncommon Voice of the Common Man and is a Super Spreader of the Truth.