Deplorable Social MediaDeplorable Social Media

Something incredible might be happening. I say might be because we have seen this kind of thing before to only see things get worse right afterwards.

A woman name Ana Kasparian, from the online news show “The Young Turks,” has strangely admitted she was wrong about Kyle Rittenhouse. My person feelings is they want to get ahead of something.

And that something is the flurry of lawsuits that are going to fly from his lawyers desk to all the people like the errr President Biden, Pelosi, CNN, and more much more. His lawyer has already made a precedent by helping those young boys labeled racist by the MSM.

The thing you need to understand is that slander like this from the likes of the MSM will wreck a person for life. Even if everything has been proven incorrect and false the very idea of a company hiring the likes of people smeared as such by the MSM could equally wreck them. So why risk it, don’t hire those people. Even if these people start their own businesses why risk working with them as well. So the complete and utter wrecking that happens is unprecedented. There are so many people who have fell victim to these people in the past it is unreal.

Kyle is lucky there were so many people trying to get the clicks online and recording what transpired. He is lucky there are people like me who as soon as I saw this video footage I saved it just in case it were to be needed.

What this boy went through because he felt compelled to help others should never happen to anyone ever. This young man has been through hell. He cannot even go in public because the people I mean sheeple still think he is a racist person no matter what happened in court. No matter how public the acquittal is.

This young man is going to have to hide for quite a long time. Because if he does not he will be hunted by the BLM Antifa gangs and sheeple to make him pay for the perceived wrong doings he did dispensed as truth by the MSM.

‘I Was Wrong’: Young Turks’ Kasparian Admits She Bought Into False Rittenhouse Narrative

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