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WOW suddenly people are realizing that these shots do not work. Now they say the boosters don’t work either. Imagine that The Deplorable Patriot has never mentioned this before, just kidding we have from the very beginning that the “VAX” is garbage.

I am glad people are finally waking up. The thing is that liberals like my neighbor and a few friends of mine need a slap in the face to wake them up as well. They are still full of fear from what the MSM and Fauci spouted.

Once my neighbor admits that being a liberal is a bad idea I will say we won but in the mean time we will still have a long way to go. I cannot wait till the videos of people admitting to their crimes as demonrats and RINOs. Once these come out I think people who are seriously still sleeping will wake up and smell what they have been shoveling.

It is my hope that they will learn to never vote liberal or progressive ever again. This cannot happen again ever again. We as humans need to make sure we teach the children and their children and subsequent generations to NEVER ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

Against All Enemies
Against All Enemies

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