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You gotta know by now when the government puts together “Programs” to help people the politicians are only helping themselves. They line their pockets with our money and walk away like nothing happened.

No one looks into these “Programs” and no one bothers to talk about any possible outcome of any sort. The media says nothing and the other politicians say nothing. The Kickbacks keep rolling in.

And now do not fool yourself. The illegals are not going to actually get a flipping dime of this 450k. The people who are going to get this money are the gang members, child traffickers, pedophiles, and other supplying the elites with their deep dark secret Satanic fodder.

This is the clearest payoff using tax money we paid and these politician bastards didn’t. They get their secret goods and pleasure and we pay for it. Well done politicians very well done.

We as citizens cannot allow this to continue. If we say nothing like in the past this shit will happen all over again and be worse. There might not be any going back next time. These sick bastards just might win. Fight back make others you know ask questions and get angry and actually say things and do things like write politicians and go to meetings and hold them responsible for their promises and especially hold them for their lies.

Republicans Vow To Fight White House Plan To Pay Migrants Who Entered Country Illegally

Against All Enemies
Against All Enemies

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