Well I guess Biden and his puppeteers love you so. They are going to kill yet another pipeline so you can survive this winter.

Get ready to LOVE Biden and the people that have a hand in making him speak much more. They love you and want you to have MORE expensive winter.

They just want to make sure you understand the eeehhheemm value of the DOLLAR LOL. Well inflation does not exist and since it does not exist the fed will be raising rates real soon.

Since there is 80 plus million people who voted for Brandon I mean Biden there will be way more supporters. Because it is certain that things will be better real soon and you will find that lucrative job paying 800 dollars and hour or so. This is because Brandon, I mean Biden made sure people are so employed that there is a must for employers to pay such rates in order to cover the labor shortage that is happening and will happen after the shut down of yet another pipeline.

Few that was so much to say positive about our most popular president Brandon. Let’s Go Brandon!

Biden Puts Another Pipeline On The Chopping Block

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