There ya have it folks if you are in Colorado you mean nothing to the governor if you are not vaccinated. Yeah he wants you to die. There is no other reason to do what he did.

I guess he has never read the Constitution Of The United States which states the freedom endowed by God shall not be infringed by anyone. Well I guess Jared thinks he is God then.

So your emergency turns into life or death because of these people. Why do we not see people demonstrating? Where are the people who are not vaccinated/jabbed? I think if the people in Colorado are OK with this sort of thing we move them at no charge to Venezuela house car and everything.

I feel people from the free states next door should demonstrate in Colorado just because. I want to see New York style protests. Peaceful and in very large numbers.

Where are the rest of the state politicians? Why are they not pushing back on this clear infringement on your freedom??!!!??

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