Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

How in the world can this happen? Seriously how can this happen? Taking underage children to a bar is terrible and unconscionable.

There is absolutely no reason let alone educational reason for a child to be taken to a bar by anyone except their parents. I my self was taken to bars a few times as a young child say 8 or 9 but only during the day and only when it was closed. My dad’s cousin had a bar and my parents went to help with things. His children were there so we played around and ran around like children do. But again it was with my parents and not a teacher or anyone else.

If you take a child to something like this there seems to be only one reason pedophilia. Introduce children to sex and other subjects outside of the parents to make it normal. Thus keeping children from mentioning this to their parents.

There is a huge trend by politicians, MSM, elites, and many more to normalize pedophiles and child sex. This is absolutely unreal for sure. We will have more on this real soon.
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