By Howard Roark

As I’m sure you realize by paying attention and seeing critical race theory, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic Party achieve ever more power, hatred of whites is a powerful political tool in the hands of freedom hating leftists. It is also a highly dangerous one, having created the situation that continues to prevail in the Rainbow Utopia of South Africa:

Neil McKay, 46, a farmer who was shot through the spine by robbers and left paralysed 20 years ago in South Africa has been tied up in his wheelchair and cruelly strangled to death in a second attack
A helpless farmer shot through the spine by robbers and left paralyzed 20 years ago in South Africa was tied up in his wheelchair recently and cruelly strangled to death in a second attack.
Neil McKay, 46, was found by his distraught mother when she visited the farm in Winterton to check on him.
Widow Bev went upstairs and found her disabled son tied up in his wheelchair in his bedroom.

The original attackers from twenty years ago were never brought to justice, and this time around, no arrests have been made.

In the assault, armed robbers stormed the farm and shot McKay through the spine, leaving him paralyzed.   
His father Bert converted their farm in Winterton to allow Neil to be able to run it from his wheelchair. 
He passed away several years ago and left Neil to run the family’s chicken farm alone.      

South African police have not yet made any arrests. 

One local politician has spoken out, but these are only words, where’s the action?  

The robbers released three of McKay's dogs and slashed three others with knives before strangling their owner to death
Alf Lees the Democratic Alliance MP for Uthukela constituency said: ‘Who would murder a man in a wheelchair? A man who was unarmed and physically unable to defend himself?
‘Neil was a gentle and friendly man of peace who refused to carry or have a gun despite living on a farm where his late father made it possible for him to work from a wheelchair.
‘It seems his attackers were keeping watch on the farm and attacked the defenseless Neil when his farm manager and staff had left and he was alone for the evening.
‘First, they cleaned out the safe then they apparently dragged Neil to his bedroom where they brutally strangled him to death having tied him up despite being in a wheelchair.
‘Despite 20 years having passed since the first attack on Neil, the attackers have never been convicted and Mrs McKay has had to live through that and now his murder.
The handicapped 46-year-old was found by his distraught mother when she visited the farm in Winterton, South Africa, to check on him

Killing white farmers is only technically illegal in South Africa, just like it is technically illegal in the USA for Black Lives Matter mobs to loot Target every time a Criminal of Color attacks a police officer and loses the fight.

Every day our country is coming to resemble South Africa more and more. The leftist welfare and immigration policy allow the Anti-American, Marxist Democrat party to achieve their push toward the holy grail of an enslaved white majority forced to its knees in submission. The level of race hate they have achieved already through their control of the schools and the media massively intense. Just imagine what they can accomplish if left un-checked.  

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By Howard Roark

Howard Roark is a Senior Fellow with the Kirby Institute and editor of The Deplorable Patriot. He’s a second amendment advocate, avid shooter, hunter, fisherman, fur trapper, writer, artist, poet, and inventor of the wall port central vacuum cleaner system. He is both a moral and a practical man and is fully committed to the artistic integrity of every one of his endeavors or projects whether working as a common laborer in a rock quarry or operating a Fortune 500 design firm.