We the people need to start throwing rotten tomatoes at these disgusting politicians who have lied and cheated their way into their position and keep their position ie power. We the people need to give them all the crap they gave us and tried to give us. Throw rotten tomatoes and eggs at these people. The next time these people try and make a point in public be there and hit them with nasty rotten items to match their deeds and their life. Make them pay for each and every little transgression they have made. They need to know they serve you and not the other way around. We need to remember and never ever forget that we are the people we are the power not them. Stop giving politicians power they do not deserve and never earned. Take back what is ours and never let it go again.


BLM Issues New Demands: ‘Convict’ Trump, Investigate Military, Don’t Compare Capitol Attack To Riot-Marred ‘Freedom Summer’

Whitmer Makes Michigan First State To Tie Reopening To Vaccination Rates

AZ Audit Director Ken Bennett: Press Are Taking Photos of License Plates, Faces, Name Badges in Arena Parking Lot [VIDEO] UPDATE: It ‘s CNN

MSNBC host suggests Tim Scott is slave to GOP, claims Harriet Tubman ‘would have left’ Scott enslaved

Democrats Took a Gut Punch in a Texas Special Election Last Night

Red-Pilled by The Hologram

Dem Cori Bush praises ‘historic’ vote to defund St. Louis police as the city is named 7th most violent in the entire world

‘People Like You Find Power In Fear’: Black Woman Slams Alyssa Milano, Says She Condescends To Black Men

Everyone Must Take Experimental Shots For Your Freedom

US deploys Green Berets to Mozambique as jihadis continue beheading children

Two-year-old baby DIES during Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine experiments on children


Biden’s Pentagon Dumps on 32-Year Tradition, Denying Veterans Group a Permit for Memorial Day Event

This Takes Some Kind of Audacity: Biden Sends Americans IRS Letter About Relief Payment

Connecticut Ends Religious Vaccine Exemptions For Students

Far-Left PAC Compares Fox News, GOP to ‘Militant Preachers,’ ‘Radical Clerics’

Highly cited COVID doctor comes to stunning conclusion: Gov’t ‘scrubbing unprecedented numbers’ of injection-related deaths

Eradication without vaccination Part 23

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