There have been so many food processing plants burnt for so long and so hot there is nothing left. This cannot happen here. We have laws and inspectors that make sure, are supposed to make sure things are safe. The interesting thing is that I have not heard of any fatalities from these fires.

So to me these are done on purpose for a final agenda. I guess as you kill off millions of people with your COVID 19 and then the vax you don’t need so much food processing. I guess this goes for chicken and egg production as well. Does this ring any frightening bells for you, because man it sure does for me.

The eventual goal for the NWO is depopulation, total control making you be in cities beholden to the elites for your everything. Now they control you and you are such a small number you cannot really revolt and push back. This is a terrible cycle that has plagued this world for millennia.

How can this cycle be broken? Why is there such a cycle in the first place? Now that you know this information what are you going to do with it? Where are these people trying to take us? The so called Global Elite and Unelected so called Leaders want these plans to happen. They don’t want to lose their power and wealth.

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