New World Order

We have reported before that the tranis that want to be in the women’s locker room, dressing room, bath room, or where ever it is explicitly meant for women are perverts and pedos. This proves what we say. A rapist who has been caught and jailed twice for raping women was going to be transferred to a women’s prison.

Where is it said anywhere this is right. This sick perverted bastard raped a bunch of women and is allowed to be in a prison with other women. Wake up people smell what you are living in. If you allow this you are literally living in the shit you are slinging. This is clear brainwashing at its finest.

Stop allowing this nonsense and nonsensical ideas and laws. There is literally no real thoughts into this they are pushed by the NWO supporting politicians. Stop this from happening immediately. Push back hard each and every time they even have a silly thought about going with the NWO narrative. If you don’t stop this now you will never be able to stop anything else in the future, like pedophilia being legal.

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