PUSH PUSH PUSH more fear to more panic to more misinformation. These people who explicitly give you predictions like this are part of the plans for these events. They make it sound like they know what they are talking about but never ever give any kind of scientific research and proof. The reason is because it would be way too easy to debunk even by the little child in school.

So we need to stop falling for the fear but we need to pay attention to what they say because they broad cast their future evil plans. Their future plans are always something that will kill you and not the elites. Their plans are always something that takes from you with taxes or other costs they say is needed for something to be saved to save the human race. Go figure people they will not die from any of these problems they say will happen because they are all in on it.

Read this article and make sure you have a way to counter their sick evil plans. Once you and everyone else stop falling for their fear then you and everyone else will see what they say for what it really is. It is a sick plan to gain power and money from you all the while depopulating the world so you are easier to control. They are trying to make natural cures illegal all over the world. This is because once you figure out that you can rely on yourself and not them you will no longer abide by their every word.

Could ‘The Last of Us’ Ever Happen? The Real Risks of a Fungus Pandemic

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