Child Trafficking Pedos Must Die

I am so pissed off and outraged at these people. How in any right sense of location would a pedophile allowed to have custody of their children? This should have never happened. I am trying to write this article without screaming in outrage and resisting the desire to hunt everyone of these sick FUCKS and doing things to them like what happened to that pore girl.

The so called parent of this child was given custody because the woke ass wipes who are all in on the pedo NWO policies let this man have his child. These sick bastards want pedophilia to be normal and people meat eating or cannibalism as a normal thing. The reason is that when things start to happen to children right in front of you means you cannot say anything because it is normal. No never not on my watch. This is excruciatingly horrible and way beyond mind blowingly sick. There you go a word salad of WTF instead of a jumbled bunch of swear words. I am so hot under the collar period.

Convicted paedophile given custody of young girl and gets her pregnant – as authorities believe ‘he poses low risk to kids’

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