These people are pushing more bullshit over and over again. In the last 100 years there has been a cycle of weather. These people are pushing so much fear and using well worded presentations while trying to push their agenda. This so called talk is so rehearsed and full of shit like nothing I have ever seen before.

This so called lecture is just a presentation to sell their agenda. All the bull shit of phrasing of justice and word salad that follows is there only to sound good and confuse. The selling of their agenda is the only thing they want. They need to get the people back on their side but I think it will not work. I think COVID woke people up to a fact that governments lie and connive to in order to achieve the agenda the WEF wants. The very same agenda that does nothing but help the WEF attendees only.

There are members of governments from many countries going to these meetings. These people are committing treason and sedition for attending, agreeing, and enacting the very same policies and laws for their agenda. These people need to be pulled from the meeting, tried and hung for their crimes. Who knows what other crimes occur while they meet.

The thing to do is stop falling for their word salads and fear. Think for yourself and look into everyone of their bull shit science backed claims. If they really were science backed and they were so concerned they would put all this information on a website for the entire world to look at and judge for themselves. But these people will never do this because it is all bull shit and always been bull shit to push their power grabbing and depopulation agendas.

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