This comparison kills me. You gotta listen to both. I like fell off my chair when listening to the comparisons. TOO FUNNY. These entitled ass wipes think they should be running the show. Well they put on a show every year to try and convince the people they should be in charge. Some people really do fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

So these clowns in Davos last week put on this crazy show for sure. Not sure what they were trying to do really. The oddity and plane ridiculousness in the actions should show people they are just clowns in a show. Watch the video of the WEF clown singing then compare to an artist from the 90’s. Then judge who did it better.

The key is to know when people are trying to push you over, bully you to be truthful. These people are bullies for money, power, and to get you to achieve their agendas. Stop falling for all this. Stop allowing people to control, manipulate, cajole, and what ever else they are pushing.

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