This cheating gets deeper and deeper as we go. The way these people have been cheating is coming out little by little. The tricks and twists these sick traitorous seditious bastards do to steal elections anytime they feel is a good time or needed to do so. Then the narrative of not enough proven fraud to sway the election. I never was satisfied with any kind of fraud. I say if there is any proven or even a sniff of fraud the election counting is halted. Things are gathered and audited left, right, and center.

These people need to be charged in a military tribunal and set to swing in the wind for their crimes. This has been going on for so many decades. Much longer than you can possibly imagine the depth and length of time this cheating has been transpiring. There is no room for exceptions, leniency, or anything of that sort. This kind of seditious treasonous actions have been acted upon by the same people over and over and over again. Let alone allowing foreign countries to interfere with elections. Nothing can be tolerated all prosecuted to fullest extent.

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