sheeple maskssheeple masks

Suburb of Scoga South of Stockholm Sweden is where a couple of teenagers fired off semi automatic weapons in a stairwell. See bottom video of the perpetrators recording themselves shooting in the building. These liberals want this kind of problem.

They want you to scream for a federal government police force to stop this from happening. This is reminiscent of Germany and the Brown Shirt then the SS. Or have we forgotten what transpired in Germany? This happened just a few decades ago so the history books still tell most of the truth. So make sure you remind yourself of how Germany turned from a free and open society to being tyrannically governed by the NAZIs. This is where every country in the world is going.

Between the pushing for centralized digital currency and 100 percent control by the private central banks. The killing of food animals by the million, the wiping out of farms, the centralization of literally everything. The soon massive tax on rural land. To the squashing of common speech and other freedoms and god given rights.

These people will stop at nothing to gain more power and remove carbon they don’t want, that is you and me by the way. They talk climate change so as to disguise their true intentions, depopulation. If you really look at their agenda and so called charity and desire for humans to survive. Their goals are for the complete elimination of any sort of independence from the central government and thus you are beholden to them. Look at Canada these days. Trudue is telling people that if they want government help they must eliminate healthcare budget. This is a clear indication that centralized control of anything is horrible and a clear and present danger.

Push back. Tell your neighbors. Tell people at the store. Discuss loudly with same minded individuals in public. Make the normies think. Spark thoughts and looks from these people. Wake them up from their brainwashing and sheeple state.

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