Adam Schiff

Matt Gaetz has a great idea. Since the lefties love their pronouns Shiffty Schiff needs a new one after being fired from the Intel Committee. Old Pencil Neck himself has always been a bit feminine so we should never assume it’s gender and pronoun. I think he identifies as a Schiffty Cat , Schiffty Pencil, Pencil Cat, maybe Schiffty Pencil Cat. So therefore his new identity is now a furry Schiffty Cat as I think he decided as so.

There are loads of lefties that identify as dogs, cats, frogs, and more. So why not make your own up like many others. Schiffty Cat is a legitimate pronoun and thus should be used. Since his old pronoun is no longer valid because he is off the Intel Committee. There should be a pity party for this Schiffty Cat.

MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz Suggests a New Pronoun For Adam Schiff Now That He’s Off the Intel Committee

Pencil Neck Schiff

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