So the new agenda is to remove religion again from the people. I guess they still do not care that the Constitution states religion is a god given right. The progressive liberals/fascist already have squashed the 1st and 2nd amendments why not another.

So now an LGBTQ+ libtards are claiming kids are indoctrinated in churches and other institutions the parents allow them to attend. Indoctrination is the very idea of teaching but in this case the children are taught this information because the parents want to instill these standards and ways of thinking. They are not brainwashed by sick pedo bastards that want nothing but horrible sexual futures for them.

Wake up people and stop this thought and behavior the millisecond these libtards try it. Do not let these people make pedophilia, and other sick abhorrent behavior “normal” or accepted. Because if you keep going down their route you will not be able to have children and any children that are created in artificial wombs will be abused right in front of you for their amusement and desires. The sick fuckin bastards.

LGBTQ+ State Senator Proposes Ban on ‘Religious Indoctrination’ of Kids

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