These people are sick conniving and beyond reproach. They have been cheating in so many ways for decades people. Wake up this is not the first time they have made these types of schemes. I have seen it in other states like Ohio for example. This is why when I was in government class in high school my teacher said mail in ballets are for one purpose and one purpose only election fraud.

They are counting the ballets before they even open them. This is their game. Once they see the overwhelming numbers they order additional blue ballets marked correctly and boom they win again. They have done this so many times in the past. I remember so many elections in Ohio where I am from where there were times the mail in ballot numbers never made sense to the actual number of requests. But no one will look into it. The election board, the county, the state, local people. No one will look into it because they all cheat. Every single sick ass wipe in government cheats their way into and keeping power.

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