These people are sick. I know we keep saying this but man they are sick and desperate to split and place division between everything. Divide and conquer. Stop falling for this people.

Division is the top tactic the deep state evil bastards initiate and execute in order to keep people from questioning things. If you divide the people and make them think twice and always question someones motives and life you never question what is said by the government, politicians and the MSM.

Now is the time to wake up the people who have a negative feeling for the government and media. These people are ripe for the waking. The thing is you needed go very slowly with these people especially in the beginning. Once they see and realize the truth and what is actually happening then you can start sending more and more but again go slow. These people are still in the frame of mind that he government and MSM is there to look out for you. The shock and horror of the deep information will surely push them off. I know, this has happened to me.

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