Voter FraudVoter Fraud

The Binden administration, you know the resident wants to redefine Recession. If you change the definition of something then it does not apply to something you don’t want it to.

This is very convenient I think. They did this before with the definition of vaccine. The problem is they continue redefining words. Change what you want to get what you want. At least till you have military control and then who cares.

Just think about it. If you redefine something so you can get reelected would this not be treasonous and seditious? I really think so. You are defrauding the people out of the true knowledge of what is truly happening and how it is happening. This kind of malfeasance has been going on for a very long time. These people need to be sent to military tribunals and executed for their crimes.

Biden Team Wants to Redefine ‘Recession’

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