Pedo SignsPedo Signs

You make a man a woman and you no longer have strong leaders and strong armies. This is yet another way to weaken a country and society from within. This is another divide and conquer tactic.

Because once you are divide the conquering is way easier and quicker. Just keep up the division and eventually things happen the way these sick people want it to be. They want your guns and or you to lose a war so they can abolish the weapons.

Now that this happens the freest nation in the world the very last stand will fall and now the NWO is in effect. These people are unelected globalist.

The other problem with this is the normalization of pedophilia. This is what they want. They want you numb to the idea of them having their way with your kids. They want you numb to the idea they will keep your kids. They want this so they can stay alive and in perfect health and feed their insatiable desire and want for children and infants. Yeah you read that last part correctly.

These people are so sick and deranged it will blow your mind. These people have such sick appetites you will not believe how deprave they really are. I tell you this so you understand once this information is released your brain will not melt. We have previously reported on much of this information. Just search the word “Pedo” and you will find a large number of articles that point to this very information.

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