This information we knew but to have solid evidence finally drip out is awesome. Now the point is to smash this out to everyone who can read. I mean it even liberals should see this. Some of them will hate this even happened. I say some but those few should be red pilled immediately so as to keep the momentum up.

Once you give this information to the normies/sheeple and they react in a manner that is conducive to not desiring election fraud of any kind then smash more information to them. Start with memes, and short videos that make points. Mark my words once you red pill a liberal they become one of those people who push even harder to red pill more liberals.

They have the advantage because they know how they think. I have a few Youtubers that I love listening to because they are red pilled liberals. They ended up red pilling themselves by researching information to prove how bad the conservatives really were. Then boom they see it is really and has always been the demonrats who are the evil manipulative sick lying bastards.

If you want to catch these people you must to it properly. Do not take any short cuts go the very long route and grab all the proof in every direction. Eliminate all doubts. This is currently underway.

Wisconsin clerks refer 10 new voter fraud cases from 2020 election

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