Well imagine that Rudy and his fellow lawyers were correct the election was clearly stolen. There is so much evidence it is sickening. In fact these same ass wipes have been cheating for decades. How do you think they stay in power? You gotta cheat to stay in power because ya don’t do shit for your constituents.

Everyone at every level in government needs to be thrown out. I mean every level. Local politicians are just as corrupt if not more than at the government level. Most of them are patsy blackmailed idiots placed into their rolls by the cheating machine.

You can clearly see how this cheating is done. They never really change their game just the level of their game had to change. They manufacture votes/ballots and boom their chosen candidates win. And boom everything they ever wanted to pass in government will pass. CRT, abortion, gun laws, bank bills, money laundering of all kinds and much much more since these politicians are blackmailed. So if you are blackmailed why not go in all the way and get to the evil shit that makes you real money.

Yeah that is the process for sure. But once the evil people get into power and have all the power the little guys will be tossed to the side and sent to the dogs.

What we have said from day one is that if there is once case of proven fraud, the election must be redone. This time all in person and paper ballots only counted in front of you.

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