Fetus, 4 monthsAbout 8 weeks after fecundation an embryo becomes a fetus.

Sick flipping bastards. The left is so absolutely sick as hell. They are pushing abortion so hard you gotta ask yourself why.

The why is simple with multiple reasons. The left get so much money from the baby farms. The left get so much money from the selling of baby parts. The left gets so much money because the federal government pushes hundreds of millions into Planned Parenthood. Much of this money is funneled right back into its supporters pockets. The people get paid off to push for abortion. They will cry about how unfair it is for these pore people minorities and their plot, that they keep them in with a need to abort babies they cannot afford. These people are corrupt and sick to the core. There are so many different things these people will do just to gain and keep power, anything.


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