Not In My Backyard Syndrome. The sick disgusting idiotic Democrat mayor of DC is screaming about all the illegals in her city. Stop doing this. We cannot handle it lol.

These people are such fake bull shitters. Oh we care about people coming here. Oh we want to help these people. Oh we need to help these people. Oh we are evil if we stop them from flooding this country. But none of these people will host an illegal in their house. None of these people want them sleeping in the streets outside their house in the city or neighborhood. Such fake demorat claims of compassion.

They are getting what they deserve and cannot stand what is happening. They cannot believe they are losing or have lost control. They hate getting their come upons. They hate to be the ones being inconvenienced. If everyone else is having to deal with these problems they cause and they gain and keep power they are more than happy with the outcomes. I say we send a shit ton of illegals to Chicago.

Chicago is already a dead city. There is literally nothing left downtown anymore. The majority of the office space in Chicago is up for lease. This is especially prevalent when walking around the city and seeing no more restaurants and small shops. The mayor did this on purpose to the city. It would be hilarious to send a ton of illegals there and see what transpires.

Ultimately when these people finally get what they deserve the ass wipes who kept supporting these ideas and such will suffer as well. I cannot wait to see this happen and I hope it happens really quickly. It will open people eyes to how terrible these ideas the demorats and WEF push really are. Hopefully a lesson is learned and never ever agreed upon again. This is the hope.

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