Fetus, 4 monthsAbout 8 weeks after fecundation an embryo becomes a fetus.

Fresh means fresh people. This means born alive and never frozen. This mean murder. This is called crimes against humanity. It is beyond murder folks.

This information is horrifying frankly. Who and what kind of sick satanic fuck could possibly do this? The reason is for many, money, power, and ranking amongst the fellow satanic sick bastards.

These people live birthed these babies but made sure they couldn’t make a sound. Then they tore them apart for their brains and other parts. I just shake my head in unreal sickness and stomach churning want to throw up moments thinking about this.

This is the thing knight mares are made of not real life. Or at least what we common non satanic folks think. Money and power is all it takes for some, I would not even call these things human. It is not possible for a human to do this to a baby these things are inhuman, unholy, pure evil. No mercy shall befall them and their conspirators. No exceptions no one shall escape the crimes against humanity military tribunals.

HORRORS CONFIRMED: Obama’s FDA purchased “fresh and never frozen” aborted baby heads and other body parts

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