This woman is a sick pariah. My only question is why has she not been put in jail for her lying in court, let alone to the Supreme Court. She was found out way back in the 80’s. She admitted her transgressions back then. She ruined so many peoples lives and babies were not born.

How the hell does she not know that one of these babies aborted could have saved the world from going through this NWO Globalist shit for the past several decades. She has no right for anything she gained from her roll. In fact she needs to be set straight in history where children need to learn about her disgusting acts. Entire college courses should be created about her terrible achievement.

Her murders should be her legacy and nothing else. Her duplicity in the genocide of minorities shall hang over her head forever. Oh and listen to Adam Levin below as well.

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2 thoughts on “Jane Roe Lied Again And Again”
  1. She reminds me of Madeline Murray Ohare. The psycho bitch who got prayer out of the schools… with the help of stupid judges as well..

    1. The dang judges commited treason by allowing this to happen. Why are they not in jail? Same with the sick and disgusting politicians who commit treason and sedition on a regular basis with impunity.

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