Is this article not enough evidence that the implementation of the abortion scam/lie in the Supreme Court (Roe v Wade Roe admitted she got paid to lie) and Planned Parenthood’s push to make it normal and logical and good for women to abort their babies not a clear sign that is has always been about a satanic agenda? Wake up folks it was NEVER about the right of a woman it was about you killing off the human race and doing satan’s bidding. This is seriously sick stuff man and should have never been allowed. They kill full grown babies with hearts, brains, legs, arms, and the rest that go with that. Then they use these babies for experiments, put them in vaccines you take, put them in food (yeah you read this right). This is outrageously horrifying and always have been. Stop falling the the propaganda and think for yourself.

Women’s magazine gives detailed instructions for carrying out “satanic abortion ritual”

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