We all knew the USPS was a corrupt stank of horrible people but now we have a ton of proof. This is a video of a USPS vehicle transporting an illegal ballot person on their trip around town. This is done all on yours and my dime people. They steel elections while getting paid by us and their vehicle gets paid by us as well.

Go figure these people thought they can get away with anything and feeling totally free doing these things. You know why, because they have been cheating this way for many decades. Wake up folks this cheating has happening for a very long time. These people stay in power by this kind of cheating.

When I was in the college republicans we talked so many times about the cheating the demonrats do and how they cover it up. We discussed how they have not been caught yet and only on occasion were people caught. We discussed the possible reasons why this has never seen the light of day and we concluded that there is so much corruption and at so many levels it would be impossible to root out.

I hate to say it, this is why I left the group and never came back. I realized then there was so much cheating and corruption from both side of the political views. I also realized that there were so many republican fakers out there as well. These people were corrupt well before even being elected, same with the demonrats.

I am glad the military has decided that this shit has gone on far enough. I am glad Trump became president. I am glad he never took a dime as income from this corrupt horrid system of government. I am glad this whole thing is going to collapse around them. I just cannot wait to make popcorn and watch the trials of these sick bastards. And I really don’t like popcorn, I would eat it just for this occasion.

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