Absentee BallotAbsentee Ballot

We have been living in a one party system which was made like there were two parties. Now we are living in a clear one party system. Have fun in Michigan. You could not pay me to move there or work for a company out of there either.

You get what you repeatedly vote for. All though all these people cheat like hell to stay in power. But the voters who vote for them do not help and neither do the people who do not show up to elect for the other guy.

They used to cheat on the sly and in hiding making it look like it was “An Anomaly” and not cheating. Well this is what they loved to say minor errors which were not enough to decide the election. I have always said if there is one proven instance of fraud the election must be done all over again. If there is one instance of errors the election must be done over period.

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