Imagine that another politician going to jail for ballot stuffing. It seems this guy was paying a debt to the demon party along with to the candidate as well. I find it quite amazing it took this much effort to make these people go to prison in the first place. The public should have been more aware that this kind of thing has been happening for decades.

The public around the world has a serious need to have massive distrust in the governments. I mean a serious mistrust of the government, like stating the fact they are lying until proven they are not. We have said over and over again that ALL POLITICIANS MUST RESIGN, they will be banned forever from government work, political anything, contracts, have nothing to do with in any way government in all levels. The same goes for their families, brothers, sisters, children, etc… They should be banned for life and placed on a list with images so they cannot sneak in on another name.

The punishment for cheating in a election needs to be so severe that the risk of getting caught should keep most people away from this kind of crime, kinda like they did for stealing mail out of your mailbox. No one thinks twice about stealing mail because they don’t want to massive repercussions that come with this crime.

Comment below what you think these politicians and others who cheat on elections should be charged with and the appropriate punishments.

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