Fetus, 4 monthsAbout 8 weeks after fecundation an embryo becomes a fetus.

So abortion clinics are more important than helping the human race exist in the future. So killing babies is more important and better than holding onto newborns and razing them to be good people who further the human race.

These people would rather eliminate us than allow their power to dwindle. The brainwashed masses just go along with their manure spilling from the mouths. Mind blown at how stupid people have really become. The New World Order has been a goal for over one hundred years. Yes folks it is an old agenda put together by the richest families in the world.

They almost pulled it off. We finally have people in power that stopped them in their tracks and reversed much of their damage. The brainwashing is the thing to get rid of right now. These people need to be shocked out of submission and into real life. Too many people just go along with the agenda and do nothing but try and squeak by. Claiming nonpolitical bull shit excuse. Calling everything politics is wrong. Calling everything life impacting is way better because you will pay more attention to things.

The thing most people don’t understand is that you will be better when you start to think about things in a better manner. I know someone who has always had what people would call bad luck. I told them several times to stop thinking about the bad things that MAY happen and start to think about the good things that will happen. There is no point in self defeat before you are even finished and even start the task.

So in long form short stop falling for the fear. Stop falling for the “Expert” information. Stop falling for the propaganda and blatant manipulation. Move forward with your life and make others aware of the games by simply pointing this out. It is literally that simple.

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