Pregnant MotherA pregnant African woman holding her belly on dark background.

This video will open any ones eyes no matter how staunch an activist. And if it doesn’t effect them then they are cold blooded sick sadistic people. They have no regard for anything let alone something fragile and sacred like an infant. I had a real hard time watching this video.

The narrator was extremely respectful to the baby and the situation. His clear purpose is to educate people and allow them to choose their own path after watching this video. I don’t know about you but my heart broke into a million pieces watching this video. If you know someone thinking about an abortion or having sex or anything as such make them watch this. It will make them understand how horrific this really is and how sick these bastards are who promote this procedure.

The people who made this law come into effect, who run these clinics, who are part of and support planned parenthood, and their co-conspirators are money hungry sadistic eugenics believers. They are sick and care nothing for the woman they claim to care for.

I feel as the narrator feels that the woman and others involved have literally no clue in what really happens to the child. I feel as he does that they should all watch this video to be educated on what is really transpiring. These abortion people make it sound like the child is a parasite and not something to be cherished and loved and respected like they are screaming to want.

I find this type of subterfuge unconscionable preposterously outlandish in their deception of the facts. This is clearly done on purpose to achieve their goal of depopulation, money making, power grabbing, division creation, and what ever else they decide is good for them. They want us to fight over this so it keeps them free to hide all the facts and real information of what happens to the children before, during, and after the abortion.

They never tell you that there are many late term abortions done where the child has a heart beat outside of the womb so they can harvest the organs and other parts. Because if the baby dies some organs like the brain cannot be used. If the baby dies some of the important high dollar cells cannot be used and thus a loss in profit. This is a pure business venture for many and others it is a depopulation control agenda. All good for them and not for the people who are brainwashed to think this is the right thing to be able to do.

Planned Parenthood Profits Big From Getting Kids Hooked On Transgender Hormones Through The School-To-Clinic Pipeline

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