There is an inevitable food shortage coming. There is no stopping this from happening. There are grain, rice, potato, and other shortages already.

It would be a really good idea to start growing your own food right now. The seed companies are holding seed back as well. This is a sick move from the deep state and if you don’t have a back up of food you will be left out in the dark and in trouble. You will need to learn how to hunt quickly.

For you and your families sake learn how to grow food. This will help you and your area because the more people see other growing food the more they will do it themselves. My neighbor grew her own food for almost the whole year in her backyard garden. She did buy something on sale and in season then jarred anything she could. She lived on a meager income and lived well by growing her own food.

Growing plants takes practice and with help from friends and family you can sure make this happen. You can grow certain things all year round from outside to inside when it gets cold. You can take certain plants stems and plunk them in water and poof they grow. There is so much you can do very easily. Don’t be afraid. If I can figure this out you can LOL.

Pattern of fires striking food facilities across the USA suggests ARSON TEAMS are burning down America’s food production infrastructure

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