So you still don’t think the entire COVID BS was not an attempt to depopulate the world. So you still think that if Trump didn’t win the first time Hillary would have been just fine but not perfect. She was charged with bringing the US to a massive war, which has been stoked for decades and decades by previous presidents. And in this war we as the US were supposed to lose thus getting rid of the freest country with the best constitution by default. Just let that sink in.

These people are sick as F&CK and the project what they want to do well before or just before they do it. This way you never are more likely to not be surprised by what crazy shit is transpiring. This is called predictive learning. They do it in movies, TV shows, media, news, magazines, advertisements, and everywhere else.

This is brainwashing at its best. They slip those little ideas into you without you even knowing. As a kid I did a report on this kind of subterfuge. The books I borrowed from the library were suddenly and inexplicably taken off my list of borrowed books and removed entirely from the shelves. My report must have struck a major string because it was immediate and within a day or so after I took the book back.

The truths I must have told in that report must have been too much for the establishment to handle. I never really understood why until many years later and especially now when all this other information is being shown. I just cannot believe the teachers are complicate in this shit. I just cannot believe how many people are complicate.

This video puts together much of what I found out about the media, advertising, the news, politicians, and more. I never talked about Satan and such but I did say there is a deeper agenda which I really didn’t understand or knew about till years later.

This is one of the reasons I go together with Jaz to create this site. He is a well spoken man with much education and wisdom to spill out. I have the intention of telling as many people as possible of this information to make sure this can never happen again.

I have thousand and thousands of video proof, document proof, image proof, and more all stored. One of these days I will create a site ope to the public which will contain all the information I have gathered over the last bunch of years. I just hope people download copies for themselves and for the future when people want to say this never happened that way. The more people that have this information the less of a chance people can change history again.

I suggest you watch the whole thing. This way you have the ammunition to wake people up from their deep slumber. Please comment below. I am not sure why people are shy on this platform. We will never and have never used you information for anything except email notifications of new articles.

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