Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

As a politician with privilege from all your F&CKING money they can get all the protection you cannot. So why not deffund the police. This will make you want more police and thus you rely on these pricks for their help. Since you were a bunch of idiots and voted for gun laws you ain’t got anything to do about it. You cannot do anything about it because you complied to their pushing and and the false flags and allowed them to take away your defense.

So I have an idea I will run for office and then I can get all the private security, food, money, power, … Do you get it yet? No seriously do you get it yet? We the people have given the power to these ass wipes. Now we need to take it back and make sure it stays where it belongs in our hands. This keeps a small number of people controlling everything and you.

When you as people start realizing that is our collective fault and our parents, and their parents… I just want people to be educated so they know how to stand up to this kind of tyranny and grabbing of rights. I will be posting another article soon to show you how to take your rights back based on common law and not the law of the sea or ocean which is what we are under unconstitutionally.

Cori Bush surpasses $300K spent on private security as she continues calls to defund the police


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