Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

How brazen these people really are? They are just pushing things so far are they not? Now the federal government wants to ban protesting. I guess that is now the first amendment down, they already stripped the second amendment.

The question is are you going to stand for this or will you do something about it. You say crying in your beer what can I do? Well you can get the information out, write your politicians at all levels, you can go to D.C. and protest, you can knock on your representatives door and smack them across their heads to make them stop this crap.

You have so many choices and ways to stop this kind of tyranny from happening. Most people will stopped reading this article by now lol and went right back to their comfortable life. But these same people don’t understand that if they don’t say something about their God given rights being squashed then their comfortable living will be no longer. Wake up people start sticking those feet up your politician’s ass. I say we go back to the days of tarring and feathering the bastards, then parading them in the streets for all to see.

BREAKING: J6 Committee Wants To Outlaw Protest And Prevent Patriots From Organizing!

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