Delaware is such a garbage state and it is unreal how many people still live there. I just cannot understand how these people are so brainwashed.

I took a drive picking up something for my father in Rhode Island. This was a bunch of years ago. As I drove further and further into that area the gas became twice as much as I payed where I lived. The food and everything else was outrageously expensive as well. But I did not see plenty of super rich people living in expensive large nice houses. Most of these houses were small cottages that were really old. It was very amazing and quite beautiful but not worth twice the price of everything with the same pay.

So the question is why do people stay in these places and continue to vote the way they do. I am certain most of these people are so far brainwashed that they don’t realize what is going on. I think these people never travel to the places in this country which are less expensive for literally everything. This is because the MSM and the deep state want to you want to be on the coast where it is expensive and exclusive. It could also be because they have no money to travel elsewhere from all the taxes and expenses.

This double jab is a depopulation money grab agenda. There is no other logical reason for this. The demorats have been cheating for 50 plus years now. They figured out the best ways to cheat now down to perfection. Soros also pushed these people into power by dumping a ton of money locally.

Put the dots together and you have a very sinister plan and direction for the Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 203, and a few more from the unelected globalist leaders. Us small minded people could not possibly understand what is going on or what to do with our lives. Well that is what Obummer said in one of those globalist meeting before he was installed as president.

Rhode Island bill would force vaccination under threat of doubled income tax, monthly penalties

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